The best Android games to kill time in 2016

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Did you past some rather than having to go to the doctor or dentist and wait more than an hour until you attended? These journals insurance you have in the old waiting room are not going to entertain you or help you pass the time, and that is why we believe that the best way to be able to spend some fun is to bring you some of the most successful applications in the face of this year that has just begun in the field of entertainment. On this occasion in particular we are going to teach you so what are the best games Android in the coming months for those moments in which you have to pass the time and do not already know how to do it.
Fallout Shelter: one of the android games better cataloged by the specialists in the last few months and the favorite to have more downloads this 2016, to the point of becoming with a distinction as the "Golden Joystick for Best Mobile Game" last year. This is a proposal for a simulation in which we will have to move forward in a world after the Apocalypse, keeping our members of the Community fed and happy, in the line of the Fallout series, so if you are a fan of it, don't you should lose.

Unkilled: games of Zombies are one of the great fashions of recent times, and if we have a proposal with some touches of retro, it is clear that Unkilled quickly became one of the favorite of the users. With very good graphics and controls, of course our goal is not another to destroy the enemy armies, for which we have an enormous amount of weapons.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition: Probably one of the most famous games in the past few years, one that sure your son or nephew will have dominated by full. This sandbox on which we can build all kinds of landscapes, to the point that even have been recreated in he entire cities of reality or other video games, has as only limit our own imagination. Yes, in the Survival Mode you will have to prove that you are able to do everything with just to survive to external attacks.
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: with the enormous enthusiasm caused by the release of his latest film and the two more to come, without losing sight of their new games for consoles, it is clear that a lot of people have returned to hook up with the Star Wars universe. In the field of Android Games We have a delivery absolutely recommendable within this segment, with galaxy of Heroes, an RPG in which we will find ourselves with many of the new characters that appeared in "The Force Awakens", among other things.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team: soccer fans there is no way that do not know the best simulator for the moment, everything a classic appeared on consoles which of course also has its version for mobile Android. In this case in particular we are in the presence of a title that continues to improve its samples from year to year, one in which you can entertain your favorite teams, demonstrating that you are superior to all your opponents.
Star Wars: Uprising: if you think that Galaxy of Heroes was the only game that is part of the Star Wars universe that arises as one of the best options for Android for the 2016, you have to know that uprising will also be there. The best thing about this title is that it takes space in "The Return of the Jedi" and "The Force Awakens" with a co-op mode and several customization options available for the different characters.

The Room Three: the classic sequel to The Room and the Room Two quickly fell as one of the preferences of users for the past few months. This is a tactical puzzle that has all kinds of secrets and elements that we need to go discovering as we move the different levels

Please, don't touch anything: with a denomination quite anticipatory, we find ourselves in this case directly with a game Android indie of the best in recent months, in which we have to survive in a room without producing abuses around the things that surround us, the problem is that every one of our actions has a consequence that we should measure, and better than let us be careful.

Minion Rush, despicable Me: The Minions probably Rush: are some of the most wonderful characters that has given us the cinema in the last.

Our smartphone could serve as a tool to alert of possible earthquakes

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Earthquakes can be devastating for this reason there are institutions that are trying to predict the time in which it is to be presented one of these natural phenomena. Unfortunately has not yet been found a pattern or a related cause that we can alert you of when we will have the presence of an earthquake; today we depend on systems that detect unusual movements and throw alerts, which offer us approximately 60 seconds to react and prepare ourselves, but these systems are costly and today can only be found in California, Mexico and Japan.

Therefore, today we know an ambitious project that seeks to take advantage of the large network of smartphones that exist in the world, so that thanks to an app can be transformed into a seismic detector device, thus creating a large network detector which in turn can serve to alert other areas, so that the population can prepare with time to face a potential earthquake.

In the search of a large network of seismic detection

The project comes on the part of the University of California at Berkeley and the Center for Innovation of Deutsche Telecom in Silicon Valley and is a application, available for the moment only for Android, which uses the accelerometer of our smartphone to convert it into a sensor detecting earthquakes.
This is only the first stage of MyShake, where they seek to create a major global network of devices connected to this system, which when match on the detection of an unusual movement, will be able to send alerts to other users about an earthquake.

The idea is simple, but curiously nobody had also developed its creators clarified that this application does not replace the current detection systems, this is more of a bracket that can help people located in regions of the world, which simply do not possess any of these systems, as in the case of Nepal.

The application has been launched today, and in this first version is only enabled detection function, since the objective is to start collecting the information that they receive in their central server, so as to know if the readings are correct or need to fine-tune some data because the programming of algorithms must be able to identify between the usual movement of the device and a seismic movement.

Later it will incorporate the system of alerts, which will be customizable according to the region, where we will also be able to see the latest earthquakes in the world. Their creators are confident that this can be a big step in system of this type, and they expect in the not too distant future to have available the version for iPhone.

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Opera has redefined it's newer browser with full of possibilities for devs

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Opera opens the year with a new version for developers full of news
New Opera browser
A few months ago you were telling that Opera already working to re-energize its browser, although by then had been limited to change its logo to promise more news in the future. Now, with the arrival of the new year the veteran browser makers have announced a new version for developers for full of changes.

In the version for developers Opera tends to experiment with changes before taking them to the stable version of your browser. Among the new features we have a redesigned home page, changes in extensions, and a few new features for Windows 10 users, about all those who use it on touch screens.

These are the changes from Opera
New Opera browser
The most visible changes in the browser start page. Looking for a more ergonomic design, the control panel has moved to the left side, and in an attempt to be more complete, easier to understand and configurable have decided to merge sections of news and Speed Dial.

This new version for developers also implements a new Viewer for extensions. In this way, who have so many already not fitting you in the toolbar can display a window which will show you all that you may have so that you can continue ordering them to your liking.

It has also spoiled with new users with 10 Windows, especially those who use touch screens. On the one hand, the color of the browser window may be set up. On the other hand, those who have touch screens may use your new icon for full-screen mode, and also a larger contextual menus to make it easier to click on your choices.
New Opera Browser
Opera has also presented a list with the rest of changes and all the improvements and fixes bugs. Between them they make a special mention to the annoying issue that prevented it to run well the system to eliminate duplicate markers.

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Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla join forces to make faster browser

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New Browser from Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla

Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla join forces to make faster browsers

JavaScript has spent years being the standard code used by browsers, and although some of the large companies, being aware of its limitations, have tried to find their own solutions. The absence of agreement between them has done that in the end always have finished limited to improve what already exists rather than to find a new path in common.

But this could be about to change, because giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla engineers have decided to join to create WebAssembly, a new unified binary format that will use the byte code so that browsers of the future may be up to twenty times faster.

More advanced users have long been waiting for the implementation of the byte code on the Internet. It's an intermediate code between the source code and the code machine that is often treated as a binary file, and that would be executed much more efficiently than the current JavaScript by web browsers.

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Thus Web Assembly will get that web applications and the content of all pages compiled with this format can be executed on mobile browsers and desktop as if it were a native application that we have installed. It will also help to improve the speed of compression, animations and visualizations.

Still years to make this new technology to become a standard, and at the moment or your specifications or design are even have been not completed. But taking into account that with WebAssembly the companies responsible for the main web browsers finally have reached agreement to work together, the start could not have been more hopeful.

We hope the future to be bright as such large giants have come together to make a crowd lovable tech.

The best apps of the week (CII)

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Camera MX, Metro Commander Pro, Space Jet, Cloudmagic, Manico, Relevant and Comfort Weather.
Another weekend again, and another edition of "The best apps of the week", a section in which we recommend the best applications of the moment for all major industry platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, etc.

This week we bring you seven guests, which include utilities, e-mail clients and, as it could not be of another form, a game with which to enjoy over the next week.

Comfort Weather (iOS). The first application is chosen among the best apps of the week is Comfort Weather, a simple application with which we can see weather forecasts in a very visual way and with a very attractive color palette. It draws on several sources and achieved a better prediction than other alternatives.

Relevant (iOS). Every day, we visit a number of sites or applications on a regular basis. Pages websites, contacts, messaging, etc. Relevant links all that information in a single application, reducing the time and avoiding the constant jumps between different applications. From it we can access, for example, reddit, watch weather, watch headlines, etc.

Cloudmagic (OS X). Cloudmagic is one of the best customers of email for Android and iOS. It has notifications push, a simple interface, integration with leading third-party services, compatibility with the most widely used email providers... And all that, now comes to OS X.

Manico (OS X). In a day we use various applications most frequently. To quickly access them, Manico becomes a customizable application launcher and using keyboard shortcuts. A joy for power-users who could not be absent in this edition of the best apps of the week.
Space Jet (Android). If the spacecraft and the space battles are your thing, Space Jet on your smartphone you must install.

Camera MX (Android). Camera MX is one of the best photography apps for Android, being present in the main tops of applications in its category. This week has been updated with the ability to create live shots, a feature that mimics the live photo introduced by Apple with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus.

Metro Commander Pro (Windows). Are you looking for a relatively advanced File Manager for Windows? Metro Commander Pro is the solution. It allows you to store, sort and share all kinds of files. In addition, we can link it to cloud storage as OneDrive services to further increase his chances.

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