HiddenMe (OS X), to hide the icons on the desktop with a single click

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There are many users who use your computer desktop to store all the files and folders that do not know where to save. While this behavior may not bother you day to day, it is possible that don't want to anyone to see your desktop icons if, for example, you have to show a presentation with your team. Today we speak of HiddenMe, a tool for OS X, that allows us to hide each and every one of the icons of the desktop with a single click.
hide desktop icons
The operation of the app is extremely simple. Once we have installed and opened the application will see the point icon appear on the taskbar of your Mac. We will just have to click on it and select the option "Hide Desktop Icons" to see how all the desktop icons disappear instantly. If you want to make them appear, just repeat the same process and press the "Show Desktop Icons". In addition, HiddenMe also allows us to configure the automatic application opening whenever we turn the computer, as well as activate the concealment of the icons as soon as this happens.

You can download the application for completely free through the App Store, but if you have multiple monitors, it is necessary to purchase the Pro version. HiddenMe is compatible with OS X 10.7 and higher versions.


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