iPhone 7 guess: exciting changes

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iPhone 7 are not only needed a lighter, thinner and faster, and there are some really interesting new features, can be invincible.

though the iPhone 6s/6s Plus has just listed more than two months, but industry, in the media for the next generation iPhone (scratch iPhone 7) guesses and estimates had already begun. In fact, due to "s" models in feature designed to keep before, so the shape of the iPhone 6s/6s Plus virtually no surprises, and even slightly behind the times. 3D Touch is a fairly new feature, but is a long way from perfect. Then, in an increasingly competitive market, how Apple would make iPhone 7 more appealing? Look at the current rumors and conjecture.

Conjecture: a thinner fuselage or the introduction of new materials
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iPhone, perhaps is the touch-screen mobile phone design has come to a bottleneck? Indeed, in addition to Samsung's aggressive design with curved screen, basically the current touch-screen smart phone look alike, even on many of the details borrowed from each other to imitate (such as HTC A9). Of course, we also understand the difficulties of industrial design, after all, the phone is a practical and easy. Well, Apple might have some new tricks?

If you expect iPhone 7 changes in design, may be disappointed. Under the current technical limitations Apple has no way of 7 fully flexible iPhone, however, you can expect some small changes. Lighter, thinner is one direction is one way Apple likes to use. In addition, the source said that Apple is testing new material that may look like liquid metal, Apple Watch 18K Gold version referenced in the joined cases of ceramic powder, maybe Apple has come up with a new approach, iPhone 7 are more substantial, more textured. As for the new color scheme, designed by artist Yasser Farahi iPhone 7 are more likely to use a dignified color scheme, it is expected that Apple will keep 6s color scheme.

Guess 2: Home key disappear

3D Touch screen appears to make people see the possibility of Home button disappears. Indeed, pressure sensors, can replace the physical Home button functionality, believe that Apple has the ability to use a simple and easy way to achieve, this means iOS system has the potential to change a core design. However, if the Home key is gone, Touch ID do? Don't worry, Apple has applied for a patent, and very likely to integrate fingerprint sensor in the bottom of the screen, the user can achieve fingerprint identification in the specified range.

Guess 3: more cool black technology?

As a big update, iPhone 7 should have at least one or two impressive "black science" in order to continue to lead. At present, the industry centred on the curved screen, rumors that Apple has been in touch with Samsung to discuss iPhone OLED screen supply of 7. OLED is not new technology, but the overall effect is undoubtedly more superior than and IPS LCD Panel, and highly flexible.

Iris recognition, Wireless charging, Sapphire Panel, truly waterproof function, is still without any basis of pure speculation, but apparently, iPhone 7 are not only needed a lighter and thinner, faster, and there are some really interesting new features, can be invincible.


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