Microsoft reiterated that it will continue to provide support for Kinect

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Xbox One games was originally bundled with Kinect sales, lifted after the bundle, Xbox One sales soared, with the decline in support, support the new Kinect games have been very limited.
xbox one kinect
somatosensory peripheral Kinect is Microsoft spent years promoting the products, but now it seems, the Giants appeared to have been ready to give up.

As we all know, Xbox One games console was originally bundled with Kinect for sale, which also makes it cost us $100 higher than the competitor PS4. Due to the high prices, players have chosen to buy a PS4 rather than the Xbox One, Microsoft subsequently realized the problem. When Kinect after release bundle, Xbox sales in One sudden surge and quickly close the gap between and PS4.

Currently, players can spend $400 (about RMB 2534) buy the Xbox with Kinect and a three-game One set, but most people seemed to find no reason to buy. With the support of the progressive reduction in support Kinect new games have been very limited.

Over the weekend, Xbox Community Manager Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb reiterated the support of Microsoft Kinect. "Kinect sensors user's satisfaction is always the highest. We will continue to invest to the Kinect, and very much look forward to 2016, personal assistant to Cortana Xbox One platform. ”

On November 12, Microsoft released Xbox One Windows 10 oriented software upgrade, device after the upgrade will have a new user interface and functionality. Although support for Cortana will come until next year, but already have beta testers found ways to turn on this feature.

Kinect suits can be purchased even Cortana can't be good reason, especially considering that this private helper function also supports standard microphone.

Exception of some stunt features, Kinect and Xbox cannot be increased much practical One. If Hryb refers to other types of support, such as Microsoft's own Kinect games, that they may need as soon as possible to let the world know that these plans.


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