Google Opinion Rewards - Earning money from Surveys made lovable

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Doing the questionnaire,you can now earn dollars – Google Opinion Rewards on Android
Google Opinion Rewards
Remember those long and boring surbey's we use fill to getour things done on the internet??We all hated them at some point. But Google is going make survey filling a fun and rewarding task,using a simple App. We surely fell in love with the questionnaire.

Google Opinion Rewards is the official production of a Google App where users can answer the brief questionnaire and win up to $1 rewards. These rewards in Google can be used to pay on consumer software and other digital products.

If I am not mistaken, at the time of first use of Rewards, you need to fill in some personal information, including gender, occupation and so on. For Google, the move should be to ensure that different types of questionnaire, content is pushed to the right people,and of course, the user's personal information is encrypted.

When a there is a new survey available it will be pushed on to lock screen and it will have the corresponding tips

Questionnaires are generally made up of 3 to 6 questions, most are multiple-choice. Simple and targeted. Completing each questionnaire shouldn't take more than a minute. Note that each new questionnaires will have a time limit of 24 hours before it expires.
Google Opinion Rewards
According to my observation, reward depends on completion of the questionnaire. For example, Google has asked you some brand store, if your answer is no, questionnaires would end in the first question, and the corresponding reward will be around $0.1. Generally answering all the questions in a survey is not a big task and some times can fetch you rewards to buy a new app.

Paid Apps for Free? who doen't take a chance. Download the APP and thank us later.

Google Opinion Rewards is available to Android 2.3.3+ devices, size 2.5 MB, free download.

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