Microsoft Surface Hub delayed shipments are to ensure quality

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Surface Hub running customized Windows version 10 system, supports multi-touch and customized digital ink capabilities, costs $8999.
microsoft surface hub price
Surface Hub is a very large demonstration tablet and it is not officially on sale, it has a 55-inch and 84-inch versions. In August, Microsoft said 55-inch Surface Hub is priced at $6999, 84 inches is priced at us $19999. Microsoft said in a statement a few days ago, the company has two products and the price adjusted to us at $8999 and $21999.

For those users who have orders to participate in the presale, still with the original price of this product. Microsoft does not explain the specific reasons for higher prices, it said in an official statement: "the company is to determine the final production plan, we will provide the best experience for the user. ”

"In assessing the market opportunity and the Surface after the Hub's unique usage scenarios for collaboration, we believe that the new price is able to properly promote the businesses and products that will move forward. "A Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement.

Previously Microsoft had said the Surface Hub will begin shipping on September 1 this year, after this time the company will postpone to January 1 next year. Now, it once again delayed the shipment of this product, Microsoft said in a statement: "we're still expected to be released early next year, Surface Hub. "The spokesman pointed out that this product will start shipping in the first quarter of next year.

Microsoft in January 2015 to publicize the Surface Hub, this is Microsoft's Perceptive Pixel touch screen device's sequel. Surface Hub is running a customized version of Windows 10 system, supports multi-touch and customized digital ink capabilities. Two sizes of Surface Hub are pre-loaded with customized version of OneNote, series of Skype for Business and Microsoft Office applications. Also, this product can also run Universal Windows application from the Windows Store. In addition, Surface Hub also comes with two stylus and a wireless keyboard.


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