Star Wars : Mark Zuckerberg's daughter Max is no exception

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Force accompanies Max, the daughter of Mark Zuckerberg

Everyone is excited about the arrival of ' Star Wars: The Force Awakens' and Mark Zuckerberg is no exception.
Max, Mark Zuckerberg's daughter
Millions of Star Wars fans received with fanfare the new tape in the series. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, could not be an exception and characterized Max and shared an image of her as a mini Jedi,with lightsaber and everything. To complement the curious photograph, he also placed some toys that made the baby look beautiful to the core.

The force is strong with this one", wrote Mark next to the snapshot to be added to the series of funny pictures that he shared since Max was born on December 1. We have seen the Director of Facebook as ever in his lying more tender side with her daughter, changing diapers and his wife, Priscilla Chan, reading a book of quantum physics for the baby.

Mark has called out for a long time paternity leave even for the father when a baby is born in Facebook employee's families. The idea of this permission is the strengthening of the relationship between them.

In addition, to welcome the baby, the proud parents wrote an extensive menu that not only offers hope to Max, but also the whole world. It communicated that the couple would donate 99% of its shares of Facebook (with an approximate value of $ 45 trillion) to Chan Zuckerberg initiative, which aims to promote human potential and to provide educational services to people with limited resources.

Mark and Priscilla have shared a couple of pictures weekly of thier daughter, so we will surely have a sweet family picture for Christmas.

Max, Mark Zuckerberg's daughter
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