The next Android may be around the corner and this time with an Indian Name.

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You may be able to decide the next generation of Android system name!
Android with Indian name
Google has been naming with variety of sweets for the Android system. It is said that this "tradition" may be changed after the Marshmallow. Held in New Delhi University during a question-and-answer meeting, Google CEO Sundar Pichai asked why not India dessert as the Android system name (at 47:11 YouTube video), Pichai said perhaps when considering Android N name, will first take some advice from his mother, then an online public vote. If the ideas come true, would recommend Android N with  Indian dessert name. Android cake sounds good right?

Below is the entire Q & A session held at Delhi Universtity, India with the Google CEO, Sundar Pichai.
Go ahead and make your guesses in the comments section below. Any witty answer would be in for a surprise gift after New year. 
 Our Guess : Android Jamun :p


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