5 Star Wars technologies that already exist today

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The speeder bikes
Start Wars bike
'The return of the Jedi' gave us one of the best means of transport more wonderful that we could see in a movie: the speeder bikes. This means not only flying transport is product of fiction: has come to become a real device created by the Californian firm Aerofex. So far we know that the device is capable of flying thanks to two giant fans, moves to about 48 km/h and can rise to about 4 metres and a half on the ground.

The Lightsabers
star wars laser sword
Is there something more characteristic of Star Wars than Lightsabers? Then to know that such lethal weapon exist - and no, we do not mean dangerous Sabre that you talked about before yesterday. It is a fearless handyman created a sword with blue light capable of causing significant damage to materials such as cardboard, wood or plastic. There is nothing.

Bionic hands
bionic hands
It is very likely that even if you have not ever seen Star Wars, you know this detail [attention: could be considered spoiler, read at your own risk]: Luke Skywalker, like Anakin, lost a hand during a battle with swords laser. The solution found it in the use of bionics, capable of operating under a pretty precise control one-handed. Luckily, in the real world is also possible to reach already have this type of progress, as the implanted prosthesis to a 26-year-old woman who was born if this tip. Artificial hand is able to give autonomy and control hitherto never reached, and may even experience feelings that return you, in part, the sense of touch.

The holograms
"Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi" is possibly one of the most famous phrases... spoken by a hologram. At the time see Leia transmitting the message was somewhat surprising, however, today the holograms technologies have evolved so much that we could say that they are not so impressive... or Yes? We have already seen how it helped to revive the footballer Michael Jackson or to reconstruct the missing Buddhas of Bamiyan. The latter - in the image - were recreated with special 3D projector that cost 120,000 dollars, helping to rebuild thus a piece of our history.

Intelligent robots
humanoid robots
We still have no C-3PO as Assistant in our homes, but intelligent robots have become a regular of our news. More and more often we see humanoid capable of performing actions years ago unthinkable (such as when we met the Golden friend of R2-D2) but now they are already more than present. It is the case of Pepper, an emotionally intelligent robot of short stature able to interact with young children.


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