Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla join forces to make faster browser

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New Browser from Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla

Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla join forces to make faster browsers

JavaScript has spent years being the standard code used by browsers, and although some of the large companies, being aware of its limitations, have tried to find their own solutions. The absence of agreement between them has done that in the end always have finished limited to improve what already exists rather than to find a new path in common.

But this could be about to change, because giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla engineers have decided to join to create WebAssembly, a new unified binary format that will use the byte code so that browsers of the future may be up to twenty times faster.

More advanced users have long been waiting for the implementation of the byte code on the Internet. It's an intermediate code between the source code and the code machine that is often treated as a binary file, and that would be executed much more efficiently than the current JavaScript by web browsers.

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Thus Web Assembly will get that web applications and the content of all pages compiled with this format can be executed on mobile browsers and desktop as if it were a native application that we have installed. It will also help to improve the speed of compression, animations and visualizations.

Still years to make this new technology to become a standard, and at the moment or your specifications or design are even have been not completed. But taking into account that with WebAssembly the companies responsible for the main web browsers finally have reached agreement to work together, the start could not have been more hopeful.

We hope the future to be bright as such large giants have come together to make a crowd lovable tech.


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