Colordrop, tool to change the color of a website in a simple way

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ColorDrop tool
If you work as a developer or designer, frequently you'll be forced to modify the project in which you are working to adapt to the changes and needs of your customers are expressing. Today we speak of Colordrop, a tool that can greatly facilitate this process by allowing anyone to show changes you want with extreme simplicity.

In addition to being available as a free extension for Google Chrome, those responsible for the project also offer the possibility to make use of the tool directly from a bookmark to your browser. Once installed, the operation of Colordrop is the most simple and intuitive. In fact, it is only necessary to drag the color from the palette of colors that we are more interested and drop it on top of the element that you want to modify, and as you can see in the picture that illustrates this article. Once we have released the chosen color, you will see a small animation while the selected area changes color. It is important to highlight one of its advantages, since we can use Colordrop to change the color of any element of the web, such as a menu or the text background color. Without a doubt, we have a useful tool with which anyone can make color changes to a web site, thus facilitating the work of many professionals.

If you are interested in Colordrop, you can download the extension for Google Chrome for free through the Chrome Web Store. In addition, the marker for the other browsers is available on the official website of the project. Finally, it is interesting to mention that the Colordrop code is available on GitHub.

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