IPhone 7 probably will not have audio jack

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Another port that Apple wants to kill, this time the standard 3.5 mm audio jack. The reasons are similar for those who decided to remove the 2 USB ports and charging of the new MacBook: they are very big and want to make the iPhone more slim 7 still. According to reports from Mark Gurman, the only way to connect a set of headphones will be by means of an adapter that connects to the port Lightning phone. A decision that no doubt will bring much criticism, even though we all basically know that it is needed, not just space, but by the need to add new functions only possible via a data port.
IPhone 7
Also expected that the upcoming EarPods do not have cable, but are wireless and are connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. According to Gurman they won't have wires to connect with each other, they shall be independent, they get into the ear and nor do you have to connect them to recharge them, it will be done wirelessly. They would be an alternative premium sold separately and not included with your smartphone.

It is likely that the EarPods included with iPhone 7 are directly connected to the Lightning port, without the need for an adapter. Remember that the possibility of connecting via Lightning audio accessories to iOS devices is possible for almost two years.

Since the acquisition of Beats in 2014, Apple Music is the most important product of the integration between the two companies, but 2016 could be the year that we see new hardware in the form of premium earphones made with the knowledge of the hardware equipment that was in Beats.

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