Opera has redefined it's newer browser with full of possibilities for devs

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Opera opens the year with a new version for developers full of news
New Opera browser
A few months ago you were telling that Opera already working to re-energize its browser, although by then had been limited to change its logo to promise more news in the future. Now, with the arrival of the new year the veteran browser makers have announced a new version for developers for full of changes.

In the version for developers Opera tends to experiment with changes before taking them to the stable version of your browser. Among the new features we have a redesigned home page, changes in extensions, and a few new features for Windows 10 users, about all those who use it on touch screens.

These are the changes from Opera
New Opera browser
The most visible changes in the browser start page. Looking for a more ergonomic design, the control panel has moved to the left side, and in an attempt to be more complete, easier to understand and configurable have decided to merge sections of news and Speed Dial.

This new version for developers also implements a new Viewer for extensions. In this way, who have so many already not fitting you in the toolbar can display a window which will show you all that you may have so that you can continue ordering them to your liking.

It has also spoiled with new users with 10 Windows, especially those who use touch screens. On the one hand, the color of the browser window may be set up. On the other hand, those who have touch screens may use your new icon for full-screen mode, and also a larger contextual menus to make it easier to click on your choices.
New Opera Browser
Opera has also presented a list with the rest of changes and all the improvements and fixes bugs. Between them they make a special mention to the annoying issue that prevented it to run well the system to eliminate duplicate markers.

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