The best apps of the week (CII)

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Camera MX, Metro Commander Pro, Space Jet, Cloudmagic, Manico, Relevant and Comfort Weather.
Another weekend again, and another edition of "The best apps of the week", a section in which we recommend the best applications of the moment for all major industry platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, etc.

This week we bring you seven guests, which include utilities, e-mail clients and, as it could not be of another form, a game with which to enjoy over the next week.

Comfort Weather (iOS). The first application is chosen among the best apps of the week is Comfort Weather, a simple application with which we can see weather forecasts in a very visual way and with a very attractive color palette. It draws on several sources and achieved a better prediction than other alternatives.

Relevant (iOS). Every day, we visit a number of sites or applications on a regular basis. Pages websites, contacts, messaging, etc. Relevant links all that information in a single application, reducing the time and avoiding the constant jumps between different applications. From it we can access, for example, reddit, watch weather, watch headlines, etc.

Cloudmagic (OS X). Cloudmagic is one of the best customers of email for Android and iOS. It has notifications push, a simple interface, integration with leading third-party services, compatibility with the most widely used email providers... And all that, now comes to OS X.

Manico (OS X). In a day we use various applications most frequently. To quickly access them, Manico becomes a customizable application launcher and using keyboard shortcuts. A joy for power-users who could not be absent in this edition of the best apps of the week.
Space Jet (Android). If the spacecraft and the space battles are your thing, Space Jet on your smartphone you must install.

Camera MX (Android). Camera MX is one of the best photography apps for Android, being present in the main tops of applications in its category. This week has been updated with the ability to create live shots, a feature that mimics the live photo introduced by Apple with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus.

Metro Commander Pro (Windows). Are you looking for a relatively advanced File Manager for Windows? Metro Commander Pro is the solution. It allows you to store, sort and share all kinds of files. In addition, we can link it to cloud storage as OneDrive services to further increase his chances.

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